deoprayag Weekend Tour Package


State: Uttarakhand
Distance: 298 Kms
By Road: 4hrs & 59min

Fast Fact

  • When to go Deoprayag

    Throughout the year
  • STD Code of Deoprayag

  • Deoprayag Tourist Offices

    102, Indraprakash Building, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Deoprayag is a beautiful showcase of traditions, myths and mysticism. This is the place where the holy rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet, making it a unique pilgrimage like the prayag of Allahbad.

From here onward two rivers merge into one and take the name of 'Ganga'. Deoprayag though situated, just at an altitude of 618 mt from the sea level, is endowed with abundant natural beauty.

According to a belief, Lord Rama and his father king Dashratha did penance here. The main temple is the 'Raghunath Temple', dedicated to Lord Rama.

The bathing ghat at Deoprayag is built with multiple levels to accommodate different water levels during the monsoon. It is also the winter home of the Badrinath pandas.

Deoprayag is a pilgrimage center of great significance. In Treta-yuga, Lord Rama and Lakshman performed a yajna here to atone for killing Ravana, who was a Brahmin. The ancient Raghunath temple here with a 15ft tall deity of Sri Rama ( Sri Raghunath) is one of the 108 most important temples in India. In front of the temple is a statue of Garuda. Behind the temple and slightly up a hill is Vamana's cave and nearby is Lord Rama's stone throne.

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