Hemkund Lokpal Weekend Tour Package


State: Uttarakhand
Distance: 493 Km
Route : NH 58 Delhi - Modinagar - Muzaffarnagar - Roorkee - Rishikesh - Rudraprayag - Gaucher - Joshimath - Govindghat - Hemkund Sahib
How to reach : It is a 13 kms trek from Govind Ghat to Hemkunt Sahib. There is a climb of about 6 km (3.7 mi) of stoned path to Hemkund. One has to make it back to Govind Ghat before the nightfall as there are no sleeping arrangements at Hemkund Sahib.

Fast Fact

  • When to go Hemkund Lokpal

    All year round, except during the monsoon. the rafting season streches from mid September to April
  • STD Code of Deoprayag

  • Hemkund Lokpal Tourist Offices

    103, Indraprakash Building, 21, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

The high altitude lake Hemkund/Lokpal is situated at the height of 4329 mtrs surrounded by lies in heavenly environs. No modernity no polluting influence from outside, no cars and no other vehicles, you have to reach here walking on your feet. A steep trek from Ghangharia leads one to this holiest spot in about five to six hours. Enriched by seven snow clad peaks and their associated glaciers, this revered shrine reflects its surrounding s on the crystal clear serene waters. The glaciers from Hathi pravat and Saptrishi peaks fills the lake with pristine water and a small stream called Himganga flows out of this celestial lake.

One of the most important pilgrimages for the Hindus and the Sikhs, Hemkund Sahib houses the most revered Sikh Gurudwara and the Lakshman temple built on the bank of the lake.

According to the holy Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Govid Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikh faith had meditated on the bank of this lake in one of his earlier births.

This place is also related with the 'Ramayana' hero Lakshman. Its believed that Lakshman meditated by the lake and regained his health after being severly wounded by Meghnad the demon prince. A beautiful temple here bears his name.

The long forgotten Hemkund was later discovered by a Sikh army officer, Sohan Singh and became a major pilgrimage centre only after 1930. Best time to visit this spiritual shrine is from June 1st to Sep 30.

  • Places to see in Hemkund Lokpal

    The main attraction of Hemkund Lokpal, the holiest shrine is the magnificient Gurdwara. A unique feature of the Gurdwara is that, it is not built following the conventional Sikh architecture. Keeping in mind the heavy rainfall in most parts of the year, the roof of the Gurdwara is designed in slopes.

    The lake at Hemkund Lokpal is viewed as the mirror of seven Himalayan peaks.

    Lakshman Temple: The Lakshman Temple creates solemn atmosphere amidst these heavenly surroundings. People visit the temple to meditate and fulfill their wishes.
  • Beyond Hemkund Lokpal

    Valley of Flowers: Surrounded on either side by snow capped mountains, this mesmerizing valley is an irresistible treat for the nature lovers, environmentalists, trekkers and botanists. The alpine valley, habited by flora, that has adopted he harsh hill climatic conditions through millions of years. A much sought after trekking route for th naturalists and the visitors alike.

    Badrinath: The holiest Hindu shrine, the abode of the Lord Badri Vishal (Vishnu). Its mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, Adi Shankracharya re-enshrined this place back in the 8th century.

    Auli: The internationally acclaimed winter sport resort, with world class arrangements and Heli- Skiing facilities.

    Joshimath: The gateway to inner Himalayas, is the base for mountaineering to the Trishul, Kamet, Dronagiri and Nanda Devi peaks.
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