Places to see in Deoprayag

  • Raghunathji Temple

    The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Rama, the epic hero of Ramayana. An impressive black granite statue graces the temple. Every day the devotees congregate at the temple to pay obeisance, after taking bath in the holy confluence. The walls of the temple display exquisite sculptures that shows Buddhist influence.
  • Bharat Mandir

    Relatively unknown, but this small temple is a beautiful example of hill temples. Named after Bharat, Rama's younger brother. The bigger Bharat temple is at Rishikesh, but it is also much revered. Historically, after the muslim invasion in north India, the priests left the holy city of Rishikesh and the idol was placed here for several centuries. Later it was taken to its original location, Rishikesh. Its worth visiting, to feel the pulse of Hindu mythology and beliefs.

Beyond Deoprayag

  • Chandrashila

    A gigantic boulder in the mid of Bhagirahti river, at a distance of 2 km from Deoprayag. According to legend, King Dashratha, father of Lord Rama meditated here for the salvation of his ancestors. A holy dip at this place, is believed to get one's wishes fulfilled.
  • Chandrabadni

    At an altitude of 2,756 mt above sea level at a distance of 30 km from Deoprayag to Jamnikhal on the Tehri road. A separate road leads to the temple from Jamnikhal (7 km) followed by a trek of 1 km. Reaching there you can have a breathtaking view of the Himalayan peaks and the river flowing below.

    A small temple is situated at the hilltop. An ideal place for total spiritual expedition.

    In the month of April, this sleepy corner of the hill bubbles with activitirs. A fair is held here, which sees devotees congregating from different parts of the Himalayan region to witness the spiritualism revered in Chandrabadni temple.
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