Mori Weekend Tour Package


State: Uttarakhand
Distance: 408 Km NE Delhi
By Road : 11hrs
By Rail : 9hrs & 30min + 5hrs & 30min by road
Location : The Village of Mori is located on the bank of the Tons River, is in the legendery realm of Duryodhana in north-western Garhwal
Route : NH58 to Roorkee; NH72A to Dehradun; state highway to Yamuna Pul via Mussoorie and Kemty Fall; NH123 to Nowagaon; SH to Mori via Purola

Fast Fact

  • When to go Mori

    April to September
  • STD Code of Mori


Mori, a small town in the state of Uttarakhand, is situated along the banks of the hill station of the Tons River in the Jaunsar Bawar region. It is comparatively less traveled and lesser explored part of the region. But now it is slowly emerging as a favored tourist destination for its beauty as well as for adventure camps. The likes of Aquaterra adventures have sprung up in the area. These camps allow us a glimpse into the enticing world of this unexplored Himalayan belt.

Mori is ideally a place to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature at this serene place. Rich in the diversity of western Himalayan flora and fauna, it is densely forested with deodar, chestnut, alpine oak, pine, birch, jamun and rhododendron. The tallest pine forest in Asia is among the thickly populated forest in Mori.

Cultural diversity of Mori, full of legendary temples, architectures and mythology, is fascinating. The cutie village offers one with unusual, unique and diverse opportunities. The people in Mori are followers of Kauravas, considered as the anti heroes in epic Mahabharatha, and Mori folks consider them as gods. The people here have peculiar habits like smoke earthen pipes, coconut hookahs or bidis, women folks are fond of wearing ornaments made out of silver. An ancient temple of Karna, with a rectangular wooden structure, located nearby to Mori in Netwar is attractive.

Mori is well known for adventurous water sports activities. Water rafting on the Tons River and trekking on the undulated hilly terrains are the chief activities one can adventure for. Mori is an apt place for holiday camping, to rejuvenate and relax the body mind and whole life activities.

Mori is a tourist attraction for the people who want to seek solitude and enjoy their weekends at isolated destinations. An ideal get away for every one including families and children, it makes a great escape for both the adventure seekers and quite holiday maker.

Mori has various places to see around. This region of Uttaranchal has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity. There are several ancient temples of the legends which boast of magnificent architecture and mythology.

  • Places to see in Mori

    Lunagad Creek: A half an hour walk along the narrow gorge leads to a clear blue plunge pool formed by a small waterfall. Here, you'll find a long stretch of pine forests, with a few Gujjar huts scattered in between which creates a fairy tale like feeling among the kids. Concentrated by summer camps it is an incredible river side location. With full of colored beautiful flowers like white Chrysanthemums, majestic yellow and red flowers of nasturtiums and wild roses, this is really a paradise. Dense woody hillsides, most imposing silvery riverside beach, the striking beauty of the nature with all the facilities for adventurous trekking and nature walks, Lunagad creek is magnificent. One can enjoy the nature in its tranquil, chaste state and well-preserved beauty which is quite a rare experience in today's fast paced life. Lunagad creek offers lots of angling facilities, relaxing walks and great picturesque misty water making it a perfect getaway for all kind of people.

    Netwar: Netwar is located 11 kms from Mori, at the point of confluence of the Rupin Gad (a tributary stream) with the River Tons and once you've come so far, it'll be a mistake to miss out this one especially if you are a history lover. Here is located a magnificent temple which is dedicated to Karna, King of Shalya and a very good friend of Duryodhan. The Jaunsar- Bawar is probably the only region where Duryodhan, the anti-hero in the epic of Mahabharata is adored and one can find beautifully architectured wooden temples devoted to Duryodhan and his allies.

    Jakhol: Jakhol is located at a distance of 20 kms from Mori and here is situated one more temple of Duryodhan. All these temples don't have an idol to worship but on the Har-Ki-Dun trek route, there is an idol of the lord and this place is treated as a seat of divinity.

    Apart from all these tourist places, the major attraction of this region is Camping. There are various camping operators that provide camping options on the sandy banks of the Tons River during summers. For fun filled adventure, one can opt for rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling and trekking.
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