Kalsi Weekend Tour Package


State: Uttarakhand
Distance: 288 Km NE of Delhi
By Road : 6hrs & 30min
By Rail : 9hrs & 30min + 1hrs by road
Location : Kalsi is 27km ahead of Paonta Sahib, whrere the tons meets the Yamuna
Route : NH1 Pipli via Karnal; SH to Bata Pul via Yamunanagar and Jagadhri; NH72 to Herbertpur via Paonta Sahib and Asan Barrage; NH123 to Kalsi via Vikasnagar

Fast Fact

  • When to go Kalsi

    Best in winter, from mid-September to mid-April. Fun in the rains. If you enjoy the beauty of the monsoon , though it can get humid. But Kalsi can get really hot in summer as it's still in the plains, just short of the hills
  • STD Code of Kalsi


In between the intimidating cliffs and the undulating plateaus, there lies a sleepy hamlet with astounding vistas and rich legacy. With its awe inspiring vistas, Kalsi in the state of Uttaranchal displays a dazzling serenade of natural panorama and aesthetic beauty. A virtual paradise for thrilling escapades, this one time frontier of King Asoka boasts of a colourful history that has a religious fervor. Famed as a heritage site with lot of excavated spots, Kalsi is an unexplored locale in the foothills of Himalayas whose pristine environs offers an exquisite romantic allures. Most striking attraction in this tiny hamlet is the bubbly Yamuna who sheds its belligerent character and carries the rich pedigree of Kalsi effortlessly. A dazzling swathe of land, at the convergence of the Yamuna and Tons Rivers, Kalsi is bestowed with the best of everything. Visitors would be exhilarated with the scintillating gorgeousness of the landscapes, the mesmerizing elegance of the lovely lakes and the gripping charm of the cascading waterfalls. Unbelievably appealing and easy walking trails and picture perfect sceneries make Kalsi an all time favourite among the nature lovers. Gleaming streams that rushing down to the river by the pretty little wooden viaduct is really a stunning panorama that tempts everybody to play with the gushing waters of the stream. This former township in the midst of verdant oaks and pines is an exquisite location for enjoying the striking extravaganzas of nature. With all its splendorous vistas, Kalsi offers you an exclusive holidaying with unbeatable adventures, which could be once in a lifetime experience. A delightful retreat of composure and tranquility, Kalsi might be a unique travel experience to all irrespective of their passions.

Tourists can have a gala time vacationing in the awesome surroundings of Kalsi.

  • Things to See & Do at Kalsi

    This gorgeous tract of land, enriched and nourished by the confluence of the Yamuna River and its tributary, the Tons, offers some of the finest landscapes of the Doon Valley. Situated as it is in the cleft of the hill states of Uttaranchal and Himachal, Kalsi is a divine location for enjoying this gorgeous slice of the Doon. It's also the perfect base for forays into the Chakrata and Mussoorie Hills. The perfect scenery invites long drives and leisurely picnics by the riverside and for the more active, there's river rafting and angling for mahseer, and hikes and treks in the surrounding hills.
  • Places to visit in Kalsi

    Ashoka Rock Edict : A place of historical significance, Ashokan rock edict is an important site for history lovers. Ashoka, one of the greatest monarchs of his times, was a follower of Buddhism and a preacher of non violence & ahimsa. The paradigm, ethics and lifetime ideals of king Ashoka have been inscribed on rock and pillars at various pilgrimage sites and important trade routes in the Asian subcontinent. This massive rock at Kalsi with a 10 ft length, 10 ft height and 8 ft width at its base is among the 14 edicts that were found by the Archeological survey of India. The inscriptions are in Brahmi & Prakrit and emphasize the king's opinions and recommendations to the people.

    Asan Barrage : Located in the western part of the Doon Valley, Asan barrage is a swamp area that was formed at the confluence of River Yamuna and its tributary Asan. Asan barrage is bizarrely referred to as Dhalipur Lake. The lake was set up in 1967 and it was created by exploiting the waters of the two rivers. The lake is a home to several species of local and alien birds generally during the winter season. The surrounding environment including the tranquil lake, diminutive marshes and close by forests & meadow are ruffled by the tweeting, squabbling and chirping of birds. The place is a pure ecstasy for ornithologists and environmentalists. Himalayan birds like the redshank, shoveller, the red crusted poacher, kingfishers, crested grebe, graylag geese, woodpeckers, tufted ducks and widgeon etc. can be easily spotted.

    Dakpathar : Situated about 45 kms away from Dehradun and about 5 kms from Kalsi, the place is fast emerging as a tourist destination owing to its blossoming green lawns and beautiful gardens. An excellent recreational centre and an ideal tourist complex operated and controlled by GMVN, the place is a site for Yamuna Hydel project. A tourist bungalow provides housing option to the visitors and also proffers splendid vistas of the region with swimming pool facilities. Other water sports activities like canoeing, water skiing, boating, sailing and hovercraft ride are also available.

    Katta Pathar : A very attractive village near Kalsi, Katta Pathar is popular for its breathtaking beauty and scenic splendors. It owes its strange name to an extinct iron mine. Serene, calm pathways, magnificent landscapes and beautiful insignias of rusty village life are the predominant features of this sleazy township.

    Timli Pass : One of the most gorgeous landscapes in Kalsi, Timli pass is a place of historical importance, where the British army participated in a war against Gorkhas. The place is really tranquil and luxuriant and the ambience so verdant that tourists love this place ardently.

    Paonta Sahib : A tiny town situated to the south of Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, India, is a significant religious place and an important industrial town. The city is famous for Gurudwaras associated with the tenth guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh ji.

    Rafting at Kalsi : While at Kalsi, one can witness the most beautiful form of River Yamuna with its crystalline water and a sparkling appeal. The winding paths of this majestic river through the lush meadows and the deep woods provide one with perfect rapids. A water lover cannot find a suitable place than this to perform rafting. This thrilling and adventurous event offers a rejuvenating vigor to the participants. The gushing waters of Yamuna River satisfy both the beginners as well as the tough professional. It gives a rare opportunity to trench once spirit and proficiency against the tough nature as one negotiate in the rapids, contrive the bends, drive along canyons and shatter into gleaming waves.
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