Lohaghat Weekend Tour Package


State: Uttarakhand
Distance: 401 kms
By Road: 6hrs & 30min
By Rail: 6hrs & 40min + 1hrs & 30min by road
Location: Uttarakhand 29°25'N 80°06'E
Route: NH24 and NH 125 Delhi - Hapur - Moradabad - Rampur - Rudrapur city - Sitarganj - Mahendranagar - Champawat

Fast Fact

  • When to go Lohaghat

    All year round, except during the monsoon. the rafting season streches from mid September to April
  • STD Code of Lohaghat

  • Lohaghat Tourist Offices

    KMVN Tourist Information Office
    103, Indraprakash Building, 21, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Lohaghat, the scenic town in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand is still an unspoilt beauty! It has a rich historical past. Once the cultural capital of the Chand dynasty, lohaghat is fast emerging as a major tourist centre in the newly formed district of Champawat.

On the bank of river Lohawati, Lohaghat is a destination of historical and mythological significance. One can go for fishing and water sports activities from here to Pancheshwar. The sikh shrine Meetha Reetha Sahib, enroute Nainital and Almora is another tourist attraction.

In the nineteenth century, the British wer so overwhelm by its beauty, that they proposed to develop it as summer capital of the then British empire.

Set amidst tall range of Deodars and snowy peaks of the Himalayas, Lohaghat is a heaven. A city with a remarkable past, amidst natural abundance and a mystic aura of hill romance and new found resurgence, the whole ares is an exquisite combination of natural beauty, historical importance and salubrious atmosphere.

  • Places to see in Lohaghat

    Lohaghat is surrounded by destinations that come as sheer tourists delight . All these are a single day sojourn from Lohaghat. One could enjoy peace and serenity of Abbot Mount, 9 kms. Away at an height of 2001 mtrs, dotted with British period bunglows. The place is amid thick oak and Deodar forest. A stroll down the charming landscape of Champawat, or a spiritual journey to Devidhura and Metha Reetha Sahib will give you memories of a lifetime.
  • Beyond Lohaghat

    Mayawati Ashram: 9 kms from Lohaghat , at an altitude of 1940 mtrs, this place hold importance in the spiritual journey of Swami Vivekanand. He came here in 1898 with his European disciples to establish the 'Advaita Ashram'.

    Meetha Reetha Sahib: At a distance of 62 kms from Lohaghat. Guru Nanak Dev visited this place and held spiritual discussion with Gorakh Panthi Yogis. A Sikh shrine is built here at the confluence of Ladhiya and Ratiya rivers.

    Purnagiri Temple: 106 kms from Lohaghat, it is one of the 108 Siddh Peeths. Major festivals are held during Chaitra (March) and the Navratras (Oct./Nov.).

    Vanasur Fort: 7 kms from Lohaghat by bus and 2 kms by walk at a height if 1,859 mtrs, this place is believed to be the capital of Demon Vanasur, who was defeated by Lord Krishna, in a face to face battle.
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