Karauli Rajasthan Tour Package


State: Rajasthan
Distance: 294 Km S of Delhi
By Road: 6hrs & 30min
By Rail: 4hrs & 30min + 1hrs by road
Location: Karauli is 48km from Mahua in eastern Rajasthan, close to the tri-junctionof Rajasthan, UP and MP
Route: NH2 to Mathura via Palwal and Hodal; SH to Bharatpur; NH11 to Mahua; SH to Karauli via Hindaun

Fast Fact

  • Best time to visit Karauli

    Karauli is very hot in summer. The rains are an interesting time here, provided you're follhardly enough to brave the road to Karauli. Winter of course, is its best season and the driven down is particularly beautiful past mustard fields

Karauli (also formerly spelled Karoli or Kerowlee) is a town lying in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The town is the administrative center of Karauli District, and was formerly the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Karauli.

Karauli History
Legend has it that the princely state of Karauli was founded about 995 by Raja Bijai Pal a Yadav ruler; or is claimed that he was 88th in descent from the hindu god Krishna. Little is however known about the early history of the family; the state was long a fief in Jaipur state until the HEIC chose, in the early 19th century, to recognise Karauli as being an independent principality. In 1818, Karauli was made part of the Rajputana Agency.

  • Karauli is a Picturesque Old Fortified Town

    Karauli is a sylvan delight packed in a rural ambience. It was founded in 1348AD by one Raja Arjun Pal. In those days Karauli used to be the capital of a small state of the same name. Legend has it that the ruling family were descendants of Lord Krishna, one of the most loved god of Hindu mythology. As such they occupy the topmost rank among the Yaduvanshi Rajputs and their family history is rich with tales of valour and glory.
  • Karauli Tourist Attractions

    Today Karauli, famous for its pale red sandstone, is also known as a holy place. There are some old monuments you could see here, apart from exploring the rambling countryside and the game sanctuary. There are excellent opportunities for jeep safaris and boating too. Do make it a point to visit the local bazaar where you get good handicraft items, especially the colourful bangles of Karauli. A major socio-religious event here is the Kaila Devi fair. Kaila Devi is an important deity of Karauli with a temple dedicated to her. A big cattle fair is also held in the month of phalguna (February-March), where camels, horses and buffaloes go on sale.
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