Kumbhalgarh Temples


State: Rajasthan
Distance: 630 Km SW of Delhi
By Road: 13hrs 30min
Location: In Southern Rajasthan, 84km north-west of Udaipur

Fast Fact

  • Best time to visit Kumbhalgarh

    October to February

The Pioneer of Indian history, Kumbalgarh holds prestigious place in our monumental history. It is quite a unique and an interesting destination, which attracts tourists from not only all over the country but also all across the globe. The main reason for this flourishing response from across the globe is because of the great defensive fortress on a hill, Kumbhalgarh Fort. Designed by Rana Kumbha of Mewar in the 15th century, this fort is situated at a height of 3,500 feet above the earth's surface, which is approximately 1100 meters high. The person standing on the fort can easily scan the expanse till up to Ajmer and Marwar and track anyone's approach towards the fort!

Wall surrounding it is supposed to be the second longest wall after the Great Wall of China. The front walls are 15 feet thick, giving enemies no chance of "breaking and entering!"

Before you go and personally experience the beauty that this fort is, here's a little information about the construction of the fort that will help you appreciate the beauty better. It will absolutely insensitive if we do not remind you the designer of this vast monument, Rana Kumbha of Mewar. The fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls that extend 36 kilometers, posing as the second largest wall after the Great Wall of China. The massive gate of Kumbhalgarh fort is called the Ram Pol or the Ram Gate.

  • Must to do in Kumbhalgarh

    An excursion around Rajasmand Lake will fill your cameras with memories of lovely scenic beauty.

    Horse lovers and adventure seekers can enjoy the thrill of riding and camping in the Reserve Forest around Kumbhalgarh. Each group is accompanied by experienced sawars. Horses, tents and food are provided by the Aohdin on prior notice at a very reasonable cost.

    Interact with the locals and enjoy their folklores and tales about this province

    Visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort and enjoy being a part of history!
  • How to travel in Kumbhalgarh

    The nearest airport to Kumbhalgarh is at Udaipur. The airport is known as the Dabok Airport and it is situated just about 85Kms away from Kumbhalgarh. Phalna is the nearest rail junction to reach Kumbhalgarh. For traveling within Kumbhalgarh, you can make use of either the cycle rickshaws or the tongas, which are easily available.
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