Arki Himachal Weekend Tour Package


State: Himachal Pradesh
Distance: 326 Km N of Delhi
By Road: 7 hrs
By Rail: 7hrs + 2hrs & 30min
Location: 40km west of Shimla, at a height of 4500 ft. in the Himalayan foothills
Route: NH1 to Ambala; NH22 to Dhrampur via Panchkula; state roads to Arki via Sabathu, Kainchi Morh and Kunihar

Fast Fact

  • Best time to visit Arki

    Mid March ti mid June and mid September to mid December are best
  • STD Code of Arki

  • Arki Tourist Offices

    HPTDC, 36, Chandralok Building, Janpath, New Delhi

Arki is a town situated in Solan district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The town is notable for its fort built in late 18th century when Arki was the capital of the erstwhile hill state of Baghal. Arki was founded founded by Rana Ajai Dev, a Panwar Rajput. Rana Kishan Singh, who ruled the state from 1840 to1867, developed the town of Arki in a planned manner. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, Rana Kishan Singh assisted the British forces for which he was presented the title of Raja. Another revolt was suppressed in 1905 with the help of Superintendent of Shimla Hill States. The places of tourists interest places are not big in number. but some of them are worth visiting. Lutru Mahadev Temple which was built by king of Baghal. It is believed that the Lord Shiva came into his dream and ordered him to build a temple of him. Jakholy Devi Temple or Bhadra kali temple is also famous in this region. Bhakhalag's natural beauty is famous in this region.

Moreover, Arki is very close to Shimla and it is merely simple to reach the destination. Arki is situated at outstrip of about 38 kms from Shimla. While taking your trip to Arki, visitors can enjoy the pleasure on seeing the hilly richness of the chir pines and deodars. Arki is still considered to be the best holiday land as people can find a good variety of entertainment and pass time here.

Also, the Rocky Mountains, in the midst of trench valleys and sparse vegetation, surround the area of the town. Tourists traveling to Arki can enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere and cheer the scenic beauty of the nature. The town receives a moderate rainfall in the months of July and August. Withal, Arki is popularly known for several other striking factors and beautiful attractions. It is an excellent place to visit along with your people and make your trip as a long-standing memory in your minds and hearts. You can visit quite several places in and around Arki, while you take a trip to the place.

Arki is a hill station which is just 38 kms from Shimla or you can say just 1 hour away from Shimla, Arki is the perfect destination for those who wan't to enjoy the nature and feel the peace, as on all weekend Shimla is full of tourist, and Arki is still untouched.

  • Places to see in Arki

    - Arki Palace
    - Jakholi Temple
    - Arki Fort
    - Diwan-i-Khas
    - Laxminarayan Temple
    - Luturu Mahadev Temple
    - Shakhni Mahadev Temple
    - Durga Temple
    - Bhadrakali Temple
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