Chail Weekend Tour Package


State: Himachal Pradesh
Distance: 337 Km N of Delhi
By Road: 7 hrs
By Rail: 7hrs + 3hrs by road
Location: A wooded royal retreat at 7,0544 ft, 75km from Kalka
Route: NH1 to Ambala; NH22 to Kandaghat via Panchkula, Kalka and Dharampur; state road to Chail via Sadhupul

Fast Fact

  • Best time to visit Chail

    Chail is an all year round destination
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  • Chail Tourist Offices

    HPTDC, 36, Chandralok Building, Janpath, New Delhi

Chail lies at a height of 2,250 metres above the sea level.Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala,when was facing an exiled from Shimla, he decided to create his own summer capital, which was Chail.

Chail was perfect - it was surrounded by a thick cover of majestic, soaring deodars, Shimla was just 45 kms away, and most significantly, the hill of Chail was decidedly higher than the then British - controlled Shimla.

  • Chail History

    This small town, the summer residence of the Patiala state rulers has a story to tell. In 1891, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala incurred the wrath of Lord Kitchener, the then Commander-in-Chief. As a result, he was banned entry into the summer capital of the Raj, Shimla. This enraged the Maharaja and he vowed to build a new and better summer capital for himself. He looked around and after quite some time realized it had all the while been in his possession. Chail, a little village close to Shimla, was a 'slice of heaven' surrounded by lush forests with a commanding view of the snow-capped Himalayas. He rebuilt the city according to his requirements and built for himself a wonderful palace. Today this palace is run as a hotel. In 1972, it was taken over by the Himachal Pradesh Development Corporation and has since been a luxury resort combining nostalgia with modern-day conveniences. It is an experience well worth it, particularly on one's honeymoon.
  • Places to visit in Chail

    SIDH BABA KA MANDIR (1.5 km) : Maharaja Bhupinder Singh originally began building his palace at this site. It is said that a Sidh - saintly person - appeared before the Maharaja in dream and declared that this was the place where he had this temple built.

    CRICKET GROUND (3 km): Built in 1893, after leveling top of a hill, it stands at 2444m and is the highest cricket pitch and polo ground in the world.

    WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (3 km) : The Chail sanctuary has 'ghoral', 'kakkar', 'sambhar', red jungle fowl and 'khalij' and 'cheer' pheasants. Machan like sighting posts have been built at Khuruin.

    KUFRI : An enjoyable drive through forests and small villages leads to this small but popular station. The Nature Park here is a great attraction. A short trek leads to the Mahasu Peak with breathtaking views.

    SADHUPUL : Between Kandaghat and Chail is this village and bridge astride the Ashwani stream. A good picnic spot.

    ADVENTURE & FISHING : A dozen or so trek routes lead out of Chail. Trails lead upto the Choor Peak and to Shimla. There is fishing on Giri river at Gaura, 29 km away.
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