As most of the trekking options can be done in 4-5 days minimum, and also most of them are starting from the destinations, which you can’t reach by overnight journey. We have found few trek / hiking trails which you can easily cover on your weekends and few on long weekend breaks. Below is the list of few Weekend Trekking options from Delhi

3 Days Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek
Level : Easy
Best Season: June to October
Location : In Kullu District, to the source of the River Beas from above Manali
Palchan - Dhundi - Beas Kund - Palchan - Manali

How to reach: From Manali to Palchan, It’s a 10 Kms / 15 min by taxi and 20 mins by bus, Bus service is available in every 30 min when Rohtang Pass is open. When pass is closed, there are only 3 buses at 8 am, 2 pm and 4 pm
For return take the same route back.

3 Days Bhirgu Lake Trek

Bhirgu Lake Trek
Level : Moderate
Best Season : July to October
Location : Above Manali in Upper Beas Valley in Kullu District
Gulaba - Bhirgu Lake - Gulaba

How to reach :It is 22 Kms from Manali to 14th Mor near Gulaba, on the Manali – Rohatang road. Just 30 min. drive by taxi. You can also pick Bus which took 45 min. to reach Gulaba and available from 5 am to 8 pm. For return take the same route back.

2-4 Days Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek
Level : Moderate
Best Season : October to April
Location : East of Mussoorie
Mussoorie - Aunter Campsite - Nag Tibba - Mussoorie

How to reach from Dehradun to Mussoorie it is 35 kms or 1 hrs & 30 min drive by taxi or 2 hours drive by bus.
Return the same way Mussoorie to Dehradun

Day 1 : Mussoori - Aunter Campsite
Distance : 25 kms, Time : 8-9 hrs, Level : Easy

Day 2 : Aunter Campsite - Nag Tibba -Mussoorie
Time : 1 hour to summit and 5-7 hours return, Level : Moderate

2-3 Days Chandrashila Peak Trek

Chandrashila Peak Trek
Level : Easy
Best Season: May - mid June, Aug to Sep for viewing flowers in full bloom
Location : Chamoli District, Garhwal Himalayas
Chopta - Tungnath - Chandrashila Peak - Chopta

How to reach : From Rudraprayag to Gopeshwar it is 74 kms or 3 hours drive by taxi or 4 hours drive by bus. Then From Gopeshwar Chopta is 39 kms lies on the crest of a road that runs from Gopeshwar via Mandal down to Okhimath, before meeting Rudraprayag – Kedarnath route.
Returns the same way from Gopeshwar ot Okhimath to Rudraprayag.

2-3 Days Janjheli - Shikari Devi Trek

Janjheli - Shikari Devi Trek
Level : Easy
Best Season: All year except Dec-Jan
Location : In the Beas and Sutlej valleys of Mandi District
Janjheli – Shikari Devi - Janjheli

How to reach : From Mandi to Janjheli it is 92 kms or 3 hours 30 min drive by taxi or 5 hrs 30 min by bus. The road passes through the picturesque Gohar region of Mandi with Chail Chowk and Bagisad as main stops on the way Delhi to Mandi
Return by same route or take the other options at the end of the trek.

1-2 Days Hatu Peak Trek

Hatu Peak Trek
Level : Easy
Best Season: May - June and Sep - Nov
Location : In Shimla District, close to Narkanda, 64 Kms NE of Shimla
Narkanda - Hatu - Narkanda

How to reach : From Shimla to Narkanda it is 64 kms or 2 hours drive by taxi or 3 hours journey by bus
Return take the same route from Narkanda to Shimla

Narkanda - Hatu - Narkanda
Distance : 14 kms, Time : 6-8 hrs, Level : Easy
Hatu Peak is located at 7 kms east of Narkanda on a jeep road. so its good to follow this road and take few short-cuts across the turns from the Narkanda Bazaar, then take the road going east to Thanedar.

2-5 Days Indrahar Pass Trek

Indrahar Pass Trek
Level : Moderate
Best Season : May - June and Sep - Oct
Location : Indrahar Pass lies across the Dhauladhar Range between Kangra and Chamba districts
McLeodganj - Triund - Lahesh Cave - Indrahar Pass - Chatta Parao - Kwarsi - Hilling - Choli

How to reach : From Mcleodganj to Dharamkot it is 2 kms or 10 min drive by taxi, Dharmshala to McLeodganj is 9 kms or 25 min. drive by taxi

Return from Choli on the Holi Chamba road take taxi to Kharamukh which is 20 kms or 1 hour drive by taxi. Then from Kharamukh take taxi to Chamba which is 70 kms or 3 drive by taxi. Which is well connected with Pathankot (115 kms)

1 Day Surkanda Devi Trek

Surkanda Devi Trek
Level : Modrate
Best Season : May - June and Sep - Oct
Location : Surkanda Devi Temple is at Uniyal gaon of Tehri District at an altitude of about 3030 metres. Lies close to Dhanaulti which is 8 Kms and Chamba which is 22 Kms.
Dhanaulti - Surkanda Devi Temple - Dhanaulti

How to reach : From Dehradun to Dhanaulti it is 60 kms or 2 hrs and 30 min drive by taxi
Return take the same route from Dehradun to Dhanaulti.