• Sattal Mission Estate and Methodist Ashram

    While reaching Sattal, one can spot a quaint regal structure raking over across the foliage, set on the banks of the lakes. This structure is a small church, christened St. John's Church, a part of the Mission Estate, established in 1930 by a Christian disciple, Stanley Jones. Spread on a vast area, the place is an abode to thousands of insects species found in the region. Staying at Ashram is a good option since it provides peaceful and serene surroundings. There are lots of interactive activities, games, holy prayers, and bonfires at the ashram making the stay stimulating and cherished.
  • Butterfly Museum

    One of the major attractions of Sattal is a butterfly museum located at Jones Estate. The museum was established by the butterfly man, Federic Smetacek and it houses more than 2500 species of butterflies and 1100 species of insects that are inhabitants of this area.
  • Subhash Dhara

    Subhash Dhara, a spectacular natural fresh water spring appearing from the dense woods in the western part of Sattal, fascinates visitors due to its awesome beauty and exquisiteness. Excellent location and lucid fresh water makes this a favored spot among tourists for excursion.
  • Bhim Tal

    Situated just 3 kms away from Sattal at an elevation of 1375 mts above sea level, Bhim Tal is a place of historical importance. Named after one of the Pandava brothers, Bhim, of the epic Mahabharata, the place was visited by him during their expatriate phase. The major pull of the region is the Bhimtal Lake and a small island located in the heart of the lake. The place is famous for its exquisite beauty and splendid vistas.
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