Dehradun Tourist Attraction

  • Tapkeshwar Temple

    It is an ancient cave temple which is about 5.5 kms from the city and is located in the Garhi Cantonment area. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is built on the banks of a seasonal river which enters the cave and its water drips from the ceiling on the Shiv Linga. The temple derives its name 'Tapkeshwar' from the dripping of the water over the shrine. There are sulphur springs around the temple which make it all the more pleasing for the pilgrims.
  • Malsi Deer Park

    Malsi Deer Park is about 10 kms from Dehradun and is located on the way to Mussoorie. It is a beautiful small zoological park where there is a place for children to play and is amidst serene landscape. This park is home to neelgai, two-horned deer, tiger, peacock, rabbits and a wide variety of birds. It an ideal site for all age groups for a day out or a picnic.
  • Kalanga Monument

    The Kalanga monument is an ancient monument which tells the brave story of a 180 year old battle of the British and the Gorkhas.
  • Laxman Siddh

    It is a famous temple for its spiritual and scenic beauty. It is around 12 km from Dehradun, on the way to Rishikesh amidst thick Sal forests where the Suswa River flows. It basically the cremation site of the Saint-Swami Laxman Sidh. A fair is held every Sunday for devotees who come from all corners of the country.
  • Chandrabani

    It is a famous Hindu temple of Chandrabani about 7 kms from Dehradun and is also known as the Gautam Kund. The mesmerizing landscape surrounding the temple and the adjacent kund adds more to the beauty of the temple.
  • Guchhupani

    It is also known as the Robber's Cave and is a popular picnic spot. It is famous for its freezing spring, underground tunnel and a stream which passes through cave.
  • Forest Research Institute

    Earlier known as the Imperial Forest Research Institute, FRI Dehradun is a best leading institution under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE).
  • Tapovan

    A gorgeous and serene place situated on the banks of Ganges brings you more close to spirituality.
  • Santala Devi temple

    This famous temple is situated around 15 kms from the Dehradun.
  • Clock Tower

    It is the most prominent landmark of Dehradun built before independence. It is the largest non-chiming six faced clock which is one of a kind in Asia. Surrounding this tower, you will find commercial market complex, institutions, schools, hotels and government offices.
  • Sahastradhara

    It is a thousand-fold spring which is about 9 metres deep surrounded by breath-taking view of the Baldi river and the caves. This spring is said to have medicinal value.
  • Indian Military Academy

    IMA is the leading Indian Army training school in the country. It was established in 1922 by the Prince of Wales.
  • Darbar Sahib

    It is a Sikh pilgrimage site. The construction was completed in 1707 with portraits of gods and goddesses on the walls and pictures of flowers, leaves, trees, animals and birds on the arches which symbolize Kangra-Guler and Mughal art. High minarets and round pinnacles depict Muslim architecture.
  • Tibetan Temple

    A Tibetan temple dedicated to Lord Bhuddha with rich traditions, culture, architecture and ambience.

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