• Binsar

    Binsar, name derived out of the Lord Shiva known as Binsar Deo, is the erstwhile summer capital of the Chand Rajas situated in the backdrop of the lovely snow-capped peaks of Himalayas. It is an acclaimed hill resort and one of the most scenic spot in the Kumaon part of Himalayas Bright End Corner.
  • Bright End Corner

    Laidback, bright and quiet, this place became famous for excellent sight of sunset and sunrise. The rising moon and the sinking sun, brilliant scenes of orangish red squeezing the drops of nature's movements are spectacular from Bright End Corner. There is really a beautiful view obtained of dawn and dusk.
  • Chitai Temple

    A landmark in Almora, Chitai Temple has the presiding deity Lord Shiva, who is referred here by the name Lord Gollu. Local folks have much faith in this hilltop temple, they often visit here with offerings.
  • Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum

    Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum situated on the Mall Road in Almora showcases rich and unique collections of items of archaeological, historic and cultural significance. The precious articles belong to the Katyuri and Chand dynasties are also displayed here.
  • Jageshwar

    Jageshwar near Almora is a prestigious Hindu religious location. There is a mythological belief that it is the abode of one among the twelve Jyothirlingas. The temple Jageshwar is the Siva temple has the legacy of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Jageshwar assumes importance and considered as sacred as the rivers Surabhi and Nandini flows down and joins at this place.
  • Katarmal Sun Temple

    Katarmal nearby Almora has the second important Sun temple in the country, the first being the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. This 800-year-old temple complex has one main temple, surrounded by 45 smaller shrines.
  • Lal Bazaar

    Shopping in Almora is a fantastic experience and Lal Bazaar offers you with wide variety of shopping facilities. From sweets to bronze and brass ware items, one can get any items from here.
  • Shiva Temple

    Old Almora houses a Shiva Temple - a magnificent monument, dedicated to the Destroyer of the Universe according to Hindu mythology. In its antechamber lies the Temple of Nanda Devi - the patron goddess of the Chand Dynasty.
  • The stone-flagged bazaars

    The stone-flagged bazaars of Almora overflow with milling crowds in the evenings. The architecture here is a blend of the traditional and the modern. The older structures characterised by wooden doorways and window frames present an attractive sight. Travel to the most noted building in the area is the Khazanchi Mohalla - a historical building which once belonged to the state's treasurers.
  • Almora Fort

    Perch yourself atop the Almora Fort to get a bird's-eye view of the town and its environs. This is the most valuable asset that the Chand Dynasty has bequeathed to the people of Almora. After Independence, the Fort was converted into a Collectorate and offers a 360o cycloramic vista of Almora and the surrounding countryside.

    Adjacent to the Collectorate lie an array of smallish temples, and on one of them is inscribed: 'Fort Nanda Devi, erected by Chand Rajas and strengthened by the Gurkha government, captured by the British under Col. Nicholls on 26.4.1815.

    The convention for the surrender of Kumaon was formed the next day.' The convention being referred to is the 'Treaty of Sagauli', whereby the entire area of Kumaon was ceded to the British.
  • Tamta Mohalla - House of Traditional Arts

    While in Almora, travel to Tamta Mohalla to catch a glimpse of one of the traditional arts of Almora - copperware. Coppersmiths abound in the area along with another local craft - the weaving of traditional tweeds and shawls.
  • Kausani - A Beautiful Excursion From Almora

    Kausani, 50 km from Almora
    Popularised as the 'Switzerland of India' Kausani makes an excellent travel excursion from Almora. It is a tiny settlement situated on a hilltop. The view from Kausani is breathtaking - some of the highest mountains in the world including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Nanda Devi and Nampa are only a few kilometres away from the town, as the crow flies. The town houses the Anashakti Yoga Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi stayed in 1929. The beauty of the place enchanted the 'father of the nation' and the ashram (cloister) abides by his dictum of 'simple living'.
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