Things to do in Sariska National Park

  • Jeep Safari

    Jeep Safaris are the most opted for way of transport within the national park. A jeep costs you Rs. 4200 with an accommodation of 6 visitors and one driver/guide/guard. These safaris cover almost all parts of the tiger reserve accessible by these heavy duty vehicles. Jeep safaris are done twice a day when the national park is open to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. These safaris are safe as you are always accompanied by the forest department guards and the vehicles are protected with grills.
  • Elephant Ride Safari

    You can also opt for an elephant safari while in Sariska. An elephant safari in Sariska will not cover all parts of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, but the ride will be a memorable one for kids as well as wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Around Sariska

    Lake Siliserh is about 50 km away from Sariska near Alwar and is a good picnic spot during evenings. The site of the lake from above is lovely. The boating facility is available to enjoy the beautiful lake and palace around.

    Bhangarh is an interesting place. This old palace and fort is about 50 km from Sariska and is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in India.

Hotels and Resorts near Sariska National Park

Trees & Tigers Luxury Wildlife Resort

V Resorts Utsav Camp Sariska

Vanaashrya - The Camping Resort

Alwar Bagh Resort Sariska by Aamod

Gulmohar Sariska Resort

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