Mandu Tour Package


State: Madhya Pradesh
Distance: 940 Km S of Delhi
By Road: 18hrs 30min
Location: In the Satpura Ranges at 3,500 ft, in south-central Madhya Pradesh, 195 Kms from Bhopal

Fast Fact

  • When to go Pachmarhi

    Year round, barring summer

Panchmari now a Biosphere Reserve, Panchmari is a lovely hill resort girdled by the Satpura. Bridle path lead into placid glades, grove of bamboo, jamun and dense sal forests. Cascading waterfalls flash in silver streaks down the slopes. Deep azure pools beckon swimmers. Complementing the magnifence of nature are the works of man. The cave shelters of Mahadeo Hills present astonishing rock paintings. Most of these are thought to date back to 500-800 AD, but the earliest paintings are estimated to be 10,000 years old. Make sure you have time to see the Jamuna Prapat (Bee Falls) and Rajat Prapat (Big Falls), two of the majestic waterfalls in the area.

  • Places to visit in Pachmarhi

    - Priyadarshani Point
    - Handi Koh
    - Apsara Vihar
    - Irene Pool
    - Jalawataran
    - Sunder Kund
    - Mahadeo
    - Chauragarh
    - Jata Shankar
    - Dhoopgarh
    - Pandav Caves
    - Piccadily Circus
    - Vanshree Vihar
    - Reechhgarh
    - Sangam
    - Catholic Church
    - Christ Church
    - Satpura National Park
    - Biosn Lodge
    - The Cave Shelters
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